It’s officially summer! No really.


Considering that it is officially the start of summer, we've had a very strange week of weather, rain, sun, freezing temperatures, snow, hail and a bit of wind thrown in for good measure. Not a really busy week in the bakery but enough to keep me on my toes.

Monday, the last of the doors arrived from Wren so we set about putting them on. Only to find we still had one missing! Argh, so frustrating, another 20 minutes on the phone. The replacement will be here next week. AGAIN! So we have one odd drawer now with a handle.

Tuesday I did some buttercream and baking and then made some flowers and other bits and bobs for a future order. I also did my year end accounts. Boring, boring, boring.

Wednesday was a busy day, shopping first thing as usual then a dash back to do these fun vanilla cupcakes for a lady who was retiring from work.

Then this four layer vanilla cake, topped with chocolates and strawberries, finished off with a personalised topper. I think this cake cake out lovely.

Then the lovely Katie arrived to cut my hair. Long overdue and I felt so much better afterwards.

Thursday morning we woke up to snow! A bit of a surprise when only last week we were sat out in the garden eating our lunch! Anyway it wasn't too drastic. I was quite glad as in the afternoon I delivered this chocolate orange cake, topped with chocolates and edible images, decorated in SWFC colours and finished off with a personalised topper.

Then a bit more baking and buttercream mixing for some cupcakes for tomorrow.

Friday morning I went for a nice walk with my dad, we went to Shirebrook valley again as its fairly gentle and Dads calf is still mending.

Friday afternoon I did these sample taster cupcakes for a possible wedding cake later in the year. These were caramel, Biscoff and chocolate.

Saturday, I did this fun golf themed vanilla cake, I love how this turned out. All handmade, figure, golf bag, clubs and golf balls all edible apart from the flag pole. The sand was made from crushed biscuits.

Saturday afternoon we went to collect a big koi fish from a lady in Hillsborough who didn't have the right conditions for it anymore. The pump on her pond was broken and the water was very, very green. She just wanted a good home for it. Pumps, bags and net at the ready.
We spent 4 hours draining the water in freezing temperatures before we could even find the fish to catch it. He’s now swimming with new fishy friends in our clean pond. Hopefully he will survive his ordeal and be ok.  

Sunday was my day off and I just tried to recharge my batteries for the week ahead. I went for a run first thing. Then had a lovely relaxing day pottering in the garden, even found time to tidy up my shed. 

Can't wait for next week!