The DIY continues and other stuff


This week has been a bit full on. I've been trying to sort out missing parts for my kitchen, had a few ups and downs and made a few cakes. I seem to have run out of time to write this blog this week so if it seems a bit brief its because it is 10.30PM.

Monday, As you know we had replacement doors supplied last week by Wren for our cupboards because the surface was lifting. Unfortunately over the weekend we discovered there were a few items missing. So this morning I spent 50 minutes on the phone trying to sort out getting the parts sent out. I was told that the earliest I can get them is next week so my kitchen is a bit mixed up. Some doors are new and some are old. Im sure it will be sorted eventually and will look really nice when it's finished. I then baked and did a crumb coat for a huge cake tomorrow.

Tuesday I decorated this massive four layer 8" vanilla cake in the theme of PJ Masks. I'd never heard of these characters before doing this cake but I really enjoyed doing it. The blue sugar paste was a challenge as the colour was mixed from a base of white so it took some arm power to kneed it which at the moment I don't have much of because I have tennis elbow which is really painful. I was really happy with the result though. The customer absolutely loved it and the little boy who's cake it was, was very excited.

Wednesday I did this three layer vanilla cake for a repeat customer. She is a fan of F1 and Lewis Hamilton so the cake was themed around that.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to source purple sugar roses for a future wedding cake I am doing. The supplier I usually use had sold out. I eventually found a lovely lady on Etsy who is making them for me. I can make sugar roses but I am still learning my craft and at the moment I am quite slow. So I would rather leave it to the experts. I shall keep practicing though.

Thursday I did this lovely vegan vanilla cake. I really enjoyed this one. I used vegan buttercream to create the bark effect and the toadstools were made from sugar paste. The lady was delighted with the result which is the most important thing.

I had my lunch in the garden while my husband Alex was outside building the pond surround. It's starting to take shape now. The weather was lovely today and it was nice to have a bit of sunshine, I even got the washing on the line which will save a bit of electric not using the dryer. The rate the prices are soaring at the moment means every penny counts.

I then decided I couldn't put it off any longer and went clothes shopping, not my favourite pastime but I realised I had not bought any new clothes since before lockdown and I had to throw two T-shirts and a pair of jeans away this week that had holes in them, so I was kind of forced into it.

Friday morning I did a bit of baking and then went for a lovely walk with my dad around Shirebrook Valley, he was away last week so we haven't been for a couple of weeks. We took it a bit easy though as his calf is on the mend and we didn't want to push it too far.

Friday afternoon I did another big cake, a four layer 8" lemon sponge with lemon buttercream and lemon curd filling. Yum.

Saturday, a busy day. I had two cupcake orders to do for Mothers day. These were presented in a box tied with pretty ribbon.

Then I had two cakes being collected. First was this old favourite, the needlecraft cake. This one was a two layer vanilla cake for a repeat customer. Every bit is edible. I love making these.

Then I did another favourite, this was a last minute order for the ever popular football themed drip cake. This one was a two layer chocolate cake.

Then in the afternoon we went to see Alex's mum and took her a gift for Mothers day. I pretty houseplant arrangement in a ceramic pot and I'd also baked her some cupcakes.

Sunday, a short run first thing then I was spoiled rotten by my daughter and son-in-law Holly and Jamie for Mothers day. We went to the market at Kelham Island. On for lunch at Church and then a lovely walk round Millhouses Park. Lots of things to see. We had a really lovely day.

Can't wait for next week!