Fresh from the oven

Find out what I've been getting up to in the Nelly's Sweet Treats bakery every week. It's sometimes hectic, often busy, usually interesting and always fun! Join me to see whats been going on. 

It was the week of my daughter Holly's birthday, so we did a few special things. I also had a very special order at the end of the week, more later.

Considering that it is officially the start of summer, we've had a very strange week of weather, rain, sun, freezing temperatures, snow, hail and a bit of wind thrown in for good measure. Not a really busy week in the bakery but enough to keep me on my toes.

This week has been a bit full on. I've been trying to sort out missing parts for my kitchen, had a few ups and downs and made a few cakes. I seem to have run out of time to write this blog this week so if it seems a bit brief its because it is 10.30PM.

Passing 500


A fairly quiet week order wise but I have kept busy preparing for future orders by making models, baking, making buttercream and then a bit of DIY to finish off the week. Plus I've been caring for my Dads parrot Freddy who has been fun to have. I also took my 500th order and the person who ordered it got £5 off to help me celebrate. ...

I have had a very varied week this week. It's not been quite as hectic as some previous weeks, but still enough to keep me busy.